Crudia velutina

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Crudia velutina


Tree to 30 m high and 66 cm in diam.; buttresses to c. 2.4 m high. Leaves 2- or 3- (or 4-)foliolate, shortly petioled; petiole and rachis c. 1 cm long, brown puberulous, glabrescent, prolonged beyond the upper petiolule into a very short tip. Stipules intrapetiolar, subulate, 2-3 mm long, deciduous. Inflorescences axillary or terminal, up to 12 cm long, erect, the rachis densely puberulous; bracts small, triangular, c. 1 mm long, puberulous outside, ciliate on the margin; bracteoles almost at the base of the flower, minute, ovate, c. 0.5 mm long; pedicels very short, 1-2 mm long, articulated at the base, minutely puberulous. Flowers minutely, appressedly puberulous outside. Stamens (9 or) 10; filaments 3-7(-10) mm; anthers c. 1 mm long.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo (Sarawak present), E present, S regions present
Malesia: Malay Peninsula (E and S regions), Borneo (Sarawak).


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