Crudia dewitii

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Crudia dewitii


Tree to 30 m high; buttresses straight; branchlets slender, smooth, grey, minutely adpressed hairy. Leaves 2- (or 1 ^folio- late; petiole very short, slender, glabrous, glossy, 4-15 mm, ending in a subulate tip (c. 3 mm long). Stipules free, narrowly lanceolate, c. 2 mm long. Inflorescences in upper axils or terminal on lateral shoots, up to 2.5 cm long, often with many fasciculate, linear, bud scales or bracts, the rachis slightly puberulous; bracts and bracteoles minute, caducous; pedicels very short or almost absent. Flower buds very young, c. 2 mm long. Seeds slightly reni- form, c. 3.5 by 5 cm, flat, reddish brown.


Asia-Tropical, Gulf Prov. present, Irian Jaya: Mamberamo R. present, Nggela & Malaita present
Solomon Islands (Nggela & Malaita); in Malesia: New Guinea (Irian Jaya: Mamberamo R.), Papua New Guinea (Gulf Prov.).


The locality of the type collection was cited by Kostermans (I.e.) as "locality not indicated." From the field note the type was collected by H.J. Lam on 21 August 1920. Its locality is in the region of Mamberamo .


Verdc. 1979 – In: Manual New Guinea Leg., Lae Bot Bull.: 99.