Aristolochia decandra

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Aristolochia decandra


Liana. Leaves firmly chartaceous, suborbicular or broad-ovate in outline, 13.5-22.5 by 11.5-18.5 cm; Inflorescences in axils of fallen leaves or cauligerous, paniculiform, up to 15 cm long, puberulous; Stamens 10; Capsules unknown.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo (Kalimantan present), Hort. Bog cultivated, Lower Serawai R present, Manga Landu & Lebang Hara, c. 112°30' E, 0°30' S present
Malesia: Kalimantan (Lower Serawai R.: Manga Landu & Lebang Hara, c. 112°30' E, 0°30' S). Two collections. Cultivated in Hort. Bog. sub n. XI-A-61, XI-D-32A & 40A, originated from the Bornean collection of P. DAKKUS.


The only Malesian species with 10 stamens, the others always having 6. In flower it approaches the West African species of Pararistolochia. Unfortunately, it seems that the species is no longer extant in the Botanic Gardens at Bogor.