? Aristolochia lauterbachiana

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? Aristolochia lauterbachiana


Leaves unknown. Inflorescences curled, few-flowered, axis densely pilose; Flowers white, red-striate and -spotted, unilabiate, c. 6.5 cm long, densely pilose; Fruit unknown.


The following two species of Aristolochia were described by O.C. SCHMIDT (see below). The types were collected at Lordberg, Sepik region, NE. New Guinea, c. 1000 m alt., by LEDERMANN in Nov.-Dec. 1912. These types were lost in B during World War II. Duplicates of them may be extant but as yet have not been found. From the New Guinean (flowering) specimens of Aristolochia examined, I cannot find specimens to match the descriptions. I have extracted the essential characters from the original descriptions as follows: