Aristolochia linnemannii

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Aristolochia linnemannii


Scrambler or climber, c. 6 m long. Leaves chartaceous, triangular or deltoid in outline, 5-8 by 4.5-6 cm; Inflorescences in the axils of leaves, fasciculate, rachides condensed, very short, usually 2-3 mm long, sometimes one of the branches up to 10 (-15) mm, glabrous; Stamens 6; Capsules glabrous, broad-ellipsoid or sub-globose, 2.5 by 1.7-2.5 cm, 6-ribbed or 6-angular, obtuse. Seeds winged, triangular, c. 6 by 5 mm (incl. c. 1 mm wide wing), seed proper with wart-like granules densely covered beneath, sparsely above, funicle obscure.


Asia-Tropical, Div. Hollandia present, Morobe Distr present, Papua New Guinea present, West New Guinea present, former Finschhafen present
Malesia: West New Guinea (Div. Hollandia), Papua New Guinea (Morobe Distr.: former Finschhafen). Two collections.


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