Aristolochia macgregorii

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Aristolochia macgregorii


Erect shrubby plant up to 1 m high. Leaves chartaceous, lanceolate or slightly elliptic, 11-17 by 3-6.5 cm; Inflorescences in axils of foliage leaves, spiciform; Stamens 6; Capsules oblong-ellipsoid, c. 1.5 by 1 cm, sparsely short-hairy. Seeds deltoid, c. 3 mm long and wide, not winged, verrucose on both surfaces.


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Babuyan Is present, Camiguin I present, Dalupiri I present
Malesia: Philippines (Babuyan Is.: Dalupiri I.&Camiguin I.).


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