Aristolochia klossii

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Aristolochia klossii


Scandent shrub. Leaves chartaceous, broad-ovate or deltoid in outline, 13.5-15 by 11.5-15 cm; Inflorescences in the axils of foliage leaves, racemi-form, up to 6 cm long, sparsely puberulous or almost glabrous; Stamens 6; Capsules unknown.


Asia-Tropical: Sumatera (Sumatera present), Bandarbaru present, Mentawei Is present, Sipora present
Malesia: Sumatra (Mentawei Is.: Sipora; Bandarbaru). Twice collected.


The leaves resemble those of A. gaudi-chaudii from the Moluccas and New Guinea.
More material and especially fruits are desirable.


DING HOU 1983 – In: Blumea: 231