?Neptunia acinaciformis

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?Neptunia acinaciformis



No type material, either specimen or drawing, has been traced of this species, which was described by Spanoghe from Timor. Windler (l.c.) referred it to N. javanica, but the latter species has not been found in Timor, and has more seeds per pod than the 4 or 5 mentioned in the protologue of Spanoghe. Neptunia gracilis, which is found in Timor (see above) has 3-8 seeds per pod, but the pods of this species are not falcate-ensiform, as those originally described for N. acinaciformis. As mentioned by Bentham [in ] it is probably the oldest name for N. gracilis, but as the type material has not been localized, and the description is ambiguous, the name is regarded as dubious.


Windler 1966 – In: Austral. J. Bot. p 393