Serianthes minahassae

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Serianthes minahassae


Tree up to 45 m high, bole up to 15(-20) m, 100(-125) cm in diameter; Leaves: Inflorescence composed of (l-)2-4 (-5) pedunculate spikes, arranged in lateral racemes; Flowers: Stamens white, 12-20(-25) mm long, tube c. 2 mm long. Ovary c. 1 mm long, sessile, glabrous. Seeds ellipsoid, 13-26 by 3-9 by c. 1-2 mm, with an open areole.


Asia-Tropical: Lesser Sunda Is. present; Maluku (Maluku present); New Guinea present; Sulawesi (Sulawesi present), Bismarck Arch present, Ceram present, Solomon Islands present, Sumbawa present, Talaud Is present
Malesia: Lesser Sunda Islands (Sumbawa), Celebes, Moluccas (Ceram, Talaud Is.), New Guinea (incl. Bismarck Arch.) to the Solomon Islands. Three allopatric subspecies are distinguished.


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