Amyema fasciculata

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Amyema fasciculata


Glabrous or the young inflorescence and flowers tomentose. Leaves opposite, ternate or quaternate; lamina very variable, narrowly elliptic to obovate, (3-)5-10(-20) by 4(—12)cm, attenuate at the base to a winged petiole obscure or up to 20 mm long, usually obtuse at the apex, dull on both sides or somewhat lustrous above; venation pinnate with the midrib distinct towards the base. Inflorescences at the nodes and along the internodes, simple 2- to 4-flowered umbels; peduncle slender, 1-6 mm long; rays (0.5-) 3mm long.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present; Philippines (Philippines present), Java southeastwards to Bird's Head Peninsula in New Guinea present
Malesia: Philippines, Borneo and Java southeastwards to Bird's Head Peninsula in New Guinea.


The species can be confused with Amyema beccarii; for discussion see .


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