Amyema wenzelii

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Amyema wenzelii


Glabrous. Leaves quaternate; lamina oblong or ovate, 11-27 by 5-15 cm, cuneate to rounded at the base to a petiole 10-20 mm long, acuminate and obtuse at the apex, dull on both sides; venation pinnate with the midrib and the main laterals distinct and the midrib raised below. Inflorescencess many at the nodes and along the internodes and epicortical runners, apparently sessile mostly 2- or 3-flowered umbels; peduncle rudimentary, immersed in the bark; pedicels up to 2 mm long.


Bohol present, Leyte present
Malesia: Philippines (Leyte, Bohol).


Closely related to Amyema beccarii; for distinction as a species see .