Pronephrium amboinense

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Pronephrium amboinense


Amboina present, Asia-Tropical: Maluku (Maluku present), S.E. & Central Celebes present
Malesia: S.E. & Central Celebes, Moluccas (Amboina).


Four collections known. The type from Amboina is a small frond (pinnae to 3.0 x0.8 cm) of which the sori are in poor condition; a few sporangia are certainly setiferous but no indusia are present. Sarasin 975 from Palopo agrees closely with the type in shape of frond and pinnae (to 4.5x1.2 cm) and certainly has small indusia. One of Kjellberg's specimens on which Christensen based Dryopteris subconformis (n. 1999), also from Palopo, is somewhat larger than Sarasin's and apparently lacks indusia; Kjellberg's second specimen (n. 1360) from S.E. Celebes has indusia. In 1972 I confusedly cited Kjellberg 1999 both as type of D. subconformis and of Pronephrium palopensis; I had in- tended to cite 1360 as type of the former.
Blume misinterpreted Aspidium amboinense Willd. and described under that name small specimens of Christella subpubescens which had many club-shaped glands on them. This error was copied by later authors and all subsequent cita- tions of Willdenow's species are erroneous.