Tinospora baenzigeri

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Tinospora baenzigeri


Leaves with a pair of hollow domatia present in axils of basal nerves on lower surface. Flowers with 6 petals.


Asia-Tropical: Thailand (Thailand present), Christmas I present, Indian Ocean present, S. Vietnam present, SW. Java present
Thailand, S. Vietnam; in Malesia: SW. Java (Christmas I., Indian Ocean).


Stem material was phytochemically analysed by LACHALY & SCHNEIDER () under the erroneous identification T. cordifolia.
A most surprising extension of the range is the occurrence in Christmas I. (Indian Ocean), where it was found in 3 localities (1980) and where it grows as a climber enveloping small trees on the shore terraces, and covering limestone pinnacles, in one place together with T. crispa. This raises the possibility that it may have been introduced together with that species. On the other hand, T. baenzigeri may in the future be found to occur in other localities, e.g. Java, Sumatra, and thus prove to have a wider distribution than is now realized. Tinospora baenzigeri, with its inconspicuous flowers appearing when the plant is leafless, may yet be eluding collection in unsuspected territory.
A noticeable feature of the Christmas I. material is that the flower pedicels can be as long as 13 mm compared with a maximum of c. 4 mm in specimens from Thailand. Otherwise all the distinctive characters of T. baenzigeri are present in the Christmas I. specimens.


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