Fimbristylis perlaxa

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Fimbristylis perlaxa


Annual with fibrous roots. Leaves in the lower ¼-1/5 of the stem, ⅓-½ as long as the latter, weak, flat, shortly acuminate to very acute, glabrous above, more or less pubescent beneath and on the pale green sheaths, ½-1½ mm wide; Inflorescence compound, very loose, with c. 10-20 spikelets, 8-15 cm long. Stamens 2;


Asia-Tropical: Maluku (Maluku present); New Guinea present, Ceram present, Mamberamo Distr present, NE. New Guinea present, Sepik Distr present, W. New Guinea present
Malesia: Moluccas (Ceram), New Guinea (W. New Guinea: Mamberamo Distr.; NE. New Guinea: Sepik Distr.).


By its very slender habit much resembling F. gracilenta, from which it is readily distinguishable by the hairy ligule (absent in F. gracilenta), the glabrous rays of the inflorescence (see, however, F. gracilenta var. psilopoda), and the different shape and texture of the nut.