Carex filicina

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Carex filicina


Leaves herbaceous to subcoriaceous, mostly basal but some spaced on the stem, as long as or shorter than the stems, linear, long-attenuate, flat or with revolute margins, scabrid on the margins, (2-)7-20 mm wide. Inflorescence a slender, interrupted or continuous, decompound, fuscous panicle up to 60 cm long;


Annam present, Asia-Tropical: India present; Laos (Laos present); Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present), Ceylon present, Lesser Sunda Is present, Lombok present, Pahang present, S. China present, Southern America: Argentina Northeast (Formosa present), Tonkin present
Ceylon and India to S. China, Formosa, Tonkin, Laos and Annam; probably throughout Malesia, in the Lesser Sunda Is. only known from Lombok and in the Malay Peninsula from Pahang.


In the circumscription here accepted very variable in all its parts. Numerous segregates have been described, but typical C. filicina from India and the aberrant forms from New Guinea are connected by all sorts of intermediates. Typical C. neoguineensis is characterized by its dense, often darker inflorescence, and the utricles more scabrid on the beak (usually smooth or almost so in typical C. filicina).
The high variability of C. filicina also in India is amply discussed and excellently figured by Boott, l.c.
The few specimens on which C. sarawaketensis var. glabrinux Kuk. was based are more or less transitional to 9. C. sarawaketensis.


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