Carex nodiflora

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Carex nodiflora


Leaves basal, sometimes 1-2 higher on the stem, much exceeding the stems, rigid, flat, long-attenuate, scabrid on the margins in the upper part, 7-16 mm wide; Inflorescence a slender, compound panicle, continuous above, interrupted below, 15-35 cm long;


Agusan present, Alabat present, Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Luzon present, Mindanao present
Malesia: Philippines (Luzon; according to Merrill, l.c., also in Alabat and Mindanao: Agusan).


According to Nelmes (1951: 262) in this species it is the style-base which is discoid-annulate, not the apex of the nut. I do not see any difference with the nut and style-base of the allied species.


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