Iodes ovalis

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Iodes ovalis


Slender shrub,scandent with tendrils, up to 5 m. Leaves oblong-lanceolate to -elliptic or -obovate, apex acuminate to rounded, though minutely cuspidate by the protruding midrib, base rounded to subcordate, slightly inequilateral, thin chartaceous, glabrous above the midrib excepted, which is covered on both faces with a pale rusty short villous tomentum equally found on the branchlets and petioles, undersurface ± densely covered with stiff appressed hairs on nerves, veins and veinlets, the proper intervenium glabrous, (5-)6-15 by (2.5-)3-6.5 cm, midrib and nerves generally slightly impressed above, prominent beneath, nerves 6-8 pairs, curved-ascending and inarching, reticulation of veins rather coarse, that of the veinlets more dense though rather faintly raised beneath; Inflorescences all over covered with both rusty short strigose and softer hairs, the ♂ ones repeatedly dichotomous, many-flowered, up to 10 cm, the ♀ ones consisting of 8-16-flowered cymes and only 1.5-4 cm (incl. peduncle). Petals 5, oblong, white or light yellow, tip extended and inflexed, c. 2.5 mm in the ♂, lanceolate and acute (not inflexed) and c. 2 mm in the ♀ flowers, laxly appressed-strigose outside as is the calyx.


Asia-Tropical: Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present, Singapore present), Central Java present, Eastcoast present, Margasari present, Pekalongan present, Penang present, W. Java present
Malesia: Sumatra (Eastcoast), Malay Peninsula (Penang to Singapore), W. Java, Central Java (Pekalongan: Margasari, once).


What has been understood as I. ovalis in numerous floras of SE. Asia and Malesia, belongs partly to other species of the genus, mainly to I. cirrhosa TURCZ., I. philippinensis MERR. and I. vitiginea HANCE.
I. ovalis Bl. was mentioned by and for New Guinea (Morobe Distr., once found by WARBURG), but the specimen is lost and its identity remains uncertain. There is no recent record of Iodes from New Guinea.


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