Iodes reticulata

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Iodes reticulata


Woody climber, up to 9 m. Branchlets slender, striate, with a broad line of dilutely ferrugineous tomentum on one side, changing sides at the nodes; Leaves ovate-elliptic, sometimes subobovate, apex abruptly acuminate for 0.5-1.5 cm, acute, base generally slightly cordate, a little inequilateral, thin-coriaceous, glabrous and shining above, the hairy midrib excepted, all over the undersurface covered with rather sparse obliquely or patently spreading hairs, soft to the touch, 5-12 by 3-6.5 cm, midrib and nerves slightly impressed above, boldly prominent beneath, nerves 4-5 curved high-ascending and looping pairs, reticulation of veins and veinlets finely raised above, strongly so beneath; Petals 4, ovate-acuminate, a little fleshy, densely hairy outside, glabrous inside, 0.8 mm. Petals 4, subovate-oblong, united at the very base, tip acute, hairy outside as is the calyx, reflexed, 2-2.5 mm. Stamens 4, subsessile; Ovary thick-cylindrical or barrel-shaped, all over densely appressedly hairy, 1.5 mm;


Asia-Tropical: Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present), Negri Sembilan present, Pahang present, Perak present
Malesia: Malay Peninsula (Perak, Pahang, Negri Sembilan).


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