Fimbristylis disticha

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Fimbristylis disticha


Glabrous annual with fibrous roots. Leaves much shorter than the stems, rather rigid, falcate, flat, abruptly acuminate, scabrid on the margins in the upper part, 1-2 mm wide; Inflorescence subcompound to decompound, very loose, with several to numerous spikelets, 4-6 cm long. Stamens 2(-3);


Andamans present, Asia-Tropical, Burma present, Central and Peninsular Thailand present, Cochinchina present, Mergui present, N. Sumatra present, S. China present, Tenasserim present, Teressa present
Burma, Central and Peninsular Thailand, Cochinchina, Tenasserim and Andamans, Teressa, Mergui, S. China; in Malesia: N. Sumatra.


Rather variable. The Chinese plants differ from the type collection by taller stems, longer glumes (2½ mm), anthers (1 mm), and styles (2 mm), and by the obovoid, densely verruculose nuts. Several other collections connect the two extremes.


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