Fimbristylis adenolepis

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Fimbristylis adenolepis


Delicate, glabrous annual with fibrous roots. Leaves much shorter than the stems, filiform, weak, flat, rather obtuse, abruptly acuminate, smooth, ½ mm wide; Stamen 1;


Annam present, Asia-Tropical, Cochinchina present, Kangean I present, SE. and Peninsular Thailand present, Tonkin present, near Ardjasa present
SE. and Peninsular Thailand, Indo-China (Cochinchina, Tonkin, Annam); in Malesia: Kangean I. (near Ardjasa).


KERN 1968 – In: Back. & Bakh.f., Fl. Java 3: 468
KERN 1967 – In: Blumea: 433