Miquelia reticulata

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Miquelia reticulata


Scandent. Branchlets slender, sparingly hirsute with short hairs, as are the petioles. Leaves oblong to subovate-oblong, apex gradually attenuate or subacuminate, base rounded and a little oblique, very base shortly cordate, membranous, glabrous and smooth above, set with scattered hairs all over the undersurface and somewhat rough to the touch, entire, (10-)12-17 by 4-6.5 cm, midrib prominent beneath, nerves 2 basal pairs, the outer pair short, the inner one ascending to the lower third of the lamina, other higher nerves from the midrib 3-4(-5) pairs curved-anastomosing, slightly depressed above, raised beneath, reticulation coarse and faint above, a little prominent beneath;


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Bohol Is present, Camiguin present
Malesia: Philippines (Camiguin and Bohol Is.), twice found. .


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