Miquelia celebica

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Miquelia celebica


High climbing shrub, much ramified. Branchlets slender, green-olivaceous when dry, striate, sub-glabrous. Leaves elliptic-, sometimes ovate-, rarely lanceolate-oblong, apex shortly acuminate, tip submucronate by the protruding midrib, base a little oblique, broadly cuneate to truncate-rounded, sometimes shallowly cordate, thin-chartaceous, entire, or rarely obsoletely repand to coarsely few-lobed, initially with scattered rather scabrid short hairs (also found on the inflorescence) underneath, early glabrescent, 9-15(-20) by 4-7.5(-10) cm, midrib and nerves slightly raised beneath only, lateral nerves 1-2 basal and 4-6 higher pairs, all curved-ascendent and rather obscurely inarching before the edge, no proper reticulation;


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present; Philippines (Philippines present); Sulawesi (Sulawesi present), Buton I present, Luzon present, Minahasa present, Mindanao present, Padang present, W. Sumatra present
Malesia: W. Sumatra (Padang, once found), Borneo, Philippines (Luzon to Mindanao), Celebes (Minahasa, Buton I.). .


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