Tectaria decurrens

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Tectaria decurrens


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present; Philippines (Philippines present), Perak present, W Malay Peninsula present, in the Pacific eastwards to Tahiti present, tropical mainland Asia present
Widely in tropical mainland Asia; Malesia: W Malay Peninsula (in Perak only), Philippines, New Guinea; in the Pacific eastwards to Tahiti.


Young plants collected by M. G. Price in Luzon have unlobed linear fronds to about 30 cm long; such fronds may be ferule, the smallest fertile ones seen 9 cm long.


In the Philippines and in New Guinea are intermediates between this species and T. repanda; they have narrow fertile pinnae decurrent to a narrow wing on the rachis and a short stipe-wing.


T. G. Walker found that three plants in New Guinea were diploids; Manton found tetra- ploids in Sri Lanka. Structural differences between diploid and tetraploid have not been established.


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