Tectaria semipinnata

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Tectaria semipinnata


minute hairs present on both surfaces of costae only;


Asia-Tropical: Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present), N Sumatra present, Peninsular Thailand present
Peninsular Thailand; Malesia: Malay Peninsula and N Sumatra.


This species appears to be closely allied to the fern of S China and Tonkin first named Gym- nopteris decurrens Hook. . The latter has smaller, firm, fronds, the stipe never winged and all sori running along veins, almost filling the lower surface. The type of Tectaria simulans Ching is somewhat intermediate between T. semipinnata and Gymnopteris decurrens, having fertile fronds like the former and a frond-form like the latter.


Diploid (Manton in Holttum 1955: 626).


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