Maniltoa schefferi

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Maniltoa schefferi


Tree up to 42(-50) m high and 50 cm in diam.; buttresses up to 1 m high. Leaves (l-)2-4-jugate. Stipules 25-35 by 1-2 mm, very early caducous, leaving no scars; petiole 1.5-2.5 cm, puberulous, glabrescent; rachis 5-16(-25) cm and petiolules 0.2-1 cm, both usually glabrous, sometimes puberulous; the rachis prolonged as a long hispid tendril right after the unfolding of the bud, but soon dropped. Inflorescences 5.5-9 cm long, the rachis 2-6 mm, more or less pubescent; bracts 0.5-5 cm long, appressed-hairy, sometimes glabrescent; bracteoles 5-1.5 cm long, pubescent, sometimes glabrescent; pedicels 1.5-3 cm, pubescent. Sepals 6.5-18 mm, glabrous or hairy. Petals 8-11 mm long, white or whitish pink. Stamens 30-35; filaments 14-18 mm, the basal 0.75 mm connate; anthers apiculate. Ovary pubescent to glabrous; stipe 2-5 mm; style 5-10 mm. Fruits compressed ovoid, 2.5-7.5(-9) cm long.


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