Fimbristylis dichotoma subsp. depauperata

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Fimbristylis dichotoma subsp. depauperata


Annual. Inflorescence simple or compound, with few to several spikelets;


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Australasia: Queensland (Queensland present), Lesser Sunda Is present, Malesia: only in the extreme SE. part of the Archipelago present, Micronesia present, N. Australia present, P. Jamdena present, S. Moluccas present, Tanimbar Is present, Timor present
Australia (N. Australia, Queensland), Micronesia; in Malesia: only in the extreme SE. part of the Archipelago and here much rarer than subsp. dichotoma: Lesser Sunda Is. (Timor), S. Moluccas (Tanimbar Is.: P. Jamdena), New Guinea.


By habit, shape of style, pubescence, etc. reminding one of F. tomentosa VAHL, but in the latter the nut is seated on a conspicuous gynophore, not strikingly longitudinally ribbed, and with epidermal cells in numerous rows.
S. T. BLAKE, l.c., treats F. depauperata R.BR, (as F. annua R. & S.) as specifically distinct from F. dichotoma. To my mind it is rather a geographical race not identical with the European F. annua (ALL.) R. & S. The latter differs by the ovate glumes with different structure of the composing cells, the slender style half as broad as that of F. dichotoma subsp. depauperata, and is always a dwarf, subglabrous plant.
The North American F. baldwiniana (SCHULT.) TORR. is also a closely related annual. Both F. annua and F. baldwiniana may better be treated as races of F. dichotoma s.l.


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