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Trees', bark greyish brown, slightly fissured and/or with lenticels; Branchlets smooth to slightly grooved, sericeous when young. Leaves paripin-nate, pulvinate at base, no pseudo-stipules or wings; Inflorescences ram-iflorous to axillary to pseudoterminal, reduced thyrses with usually 3 cymules per node; Flowers actinomorphic, yellowish white. Sepals (sub)equal, basally united; Petals: Stamens (7-)8(-10); Fruit an obovoid, loculicidally dehiscing capsule, with usually 1 developed seed, flat when 2-locular, smooth to somewhat rough, outside glabrous, margin sharp, almost slightly winged, inside glabrous to pilose, red; Seeds ellipsoid, triangular in transverse view, base straight to oblique, smooth, shiny, black;


Andaman present, Asia-Tropical: India present, NE Australia present, Nicobar Islands present, Solomon Islands present
6 species from India (Andaman and Nicobar Islands; 1 non-endemic species) to NE Australia and the Solomon Islands (also 1 non-endemic species each); all species occurring in Malesia, mainly endemic.


The phylogeny and historical biogeography of Lepidopetalum are described in Van Welzen et al. (1992).


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