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Trees', dioecious. Leaves paripinnate, 2-4-jugate; Inflorescences in the defoliated part of the branchlets above the leaf-scars, sometimes axillary, fascicles of a few simpe (female) or sparsely branching (male) thyrses, the basal part with scattered, many-flowered fascicles, the upper part spicate. Flowers: sometimes male and female flowers present in the same inflorescence, then one of the two kinds predominating, and the other may be sterile. Sepals 4 or 5 (or 6), connate in lower fourth, slightly valvate but soon apert, the lobes all equal, not petaloid. Petals absent. Stamens (5 or) 6-8 (or 9), long exserted in male flowers; Seeds completely enveloped by an arillode, which is thin-papery and often adhering to the endocarp when dried.




Radlk. 1933 – In: Engl., Pflanzenr. 98: 872