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Tall trees, possibly monoecious. Leaves paripinnate, 4-10-jugate; Inflorescences axillary thyrses, flowers solitary or in small cymules on racemoid branches; Flowers unisexual, actinomorphic. Sepals 4-6, nearly free to about halfway connate, valvate, all about equal, not petaloid, entire. Petals absent. Stamens 5-7, alternating with the disc lobes, in male flowers far exserted, glabrous; Fruit a sessile drupe, not winged, smooth, outside and inside glabrous, with 1 or 2 locules. Seeds 1 per locule, arillode absent.


Andamans present, Asia-Tropical, NE Australia present, Nicobars present, Solomon Islands present, W and Central Africa present
Two species, one in W and Central Africa, the other from the Andamans and Nicobars to NE Australia and the Solomon Islands, throughout Malesia.


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