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Tree, monoecious. Leaves paripinnate, 4-9-jugate; Inflorescences axillary, terminal ones together pseudoterminal, thyrsoid. Flowers unisexual, regular. Sepals 5, free, equal, slightly imbricate, not petaloid, densely short-hairy on both sides. Petals 5, as long as to longer than the sepals, outside just above the base with a few hairs, inside with 2 recurved, woolly, crestless scales shorter than the petal. Stamens (6) 7 or 8, much exserted; Ovary densely short-hairy, 3-locular, sessile; Fruits capsular, subglobular, not winged, loculicidal, smooth, densely short-hairy outside, pericarp thin-fleshy, c. 1 mm thick, incompletely 3-locular, the valves inside sericeous, septa nearly glabrous. Seeds obovoid, with a 2- (or 3-)lobed sarcotesta around the hilum.


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), E Malesia present, New Hebrides present
Monotypic; E Malesia from the Philippines to the New Hebrides.


The present genus seems closest to Diploglottis; the main difference is in the seed which in the latter genus is lenticular and completely enveloped by an arillode.


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