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Small or medium-sized trees, twigs, petioles and rachises lenticellate. Leaves spirally arranged, paripin-nate, 1-8-jugate, without pseudo-stipules, neither petiole nor rachis winged. Inflorescences axillary or rarely ramiflorous, bracts and bracteoles subulate to triangular orovate, both sides appressed-hairy. Flowers unisexual, regular. Sepals 5, free, imbricate, not petaloid, slightly unequal, both sides appressed-hairy. Petals 5, spathulate, shorter to longer than the sepals, clawed, with 2 scales or auricles (in C. dentata sometimes absent). Stamens 8; Ovary 3-celled, hairy; Fruits 3-eelled, basally 3-winged, loculicidal, outside velutinous and densely covered with irritating hairs, inside tomentose to appressed-hairy. Seeds obovoid, testa shiny black, sarcotes-la carunculoid;


Asia-Tropical, Australasia, Papua New Guinea present
Four species in Australia and Malesia: Papua New Guinea.