Aralia javanica

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Aralia javanica


A shrub or small tree, often unbranched, young parts covered with brown pubescence which persists on the stems and rachides of the inflorescence as ± patent hairs. Leaves tufted at the ends of the branches, bipinnate with a pair of leaflets at the divisions of the rachis; Inflorescence a large terminal panicle, rachis bearing several secondary branches c. 30-40 cm long, with the ultimate branches bearing heads (or subumbellules) of c. 10 flowers, surrounded by an involucre of small linear bracts. Fruit ovoid, c. 5 mm long, ribbed when dry, with the persistent styles recurved.


Asia-Tropical, Dieng present, Malabar present, Mts Papandayan present, Surakarta present, West and Central Java present
Malesia: West and Central Java (Mts Papandayan, Malabar, Dieng, Surakarta).


This imperfectly known species may prove to be a form of the widespread A. dasyphylla, from which it appears to differ in the shortly pedicelled flowers, the sparser leaf-tomentum, the more patent hairs on the inflorescence branches and the bracts of the umbellules less thickly enveloped in hairs.


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