Aralia ferox

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Aralia ferox


Spiny shrub or small tree, usually unbranched, to c. 10 m. Leaves forming a large rosette at the summit of the stem, up to c. 1 m long, or shorter below the inflorescence, bi- or tripinnate, with a pair of leaflets (often pinnate) at each division of the rachis, prickly on the petiole, main rachis, and often on the lateral rachides; Inflorescence a large terminal panicle, 25-50 cm long, glabrous, the main rachis rather short, bearing a few lateral or a terminal cluster of branches c. 15-25 cm long; Flowers c. 10-12 per umbellule; Fruit spheroidal, c. 6 by 5 mm, deeply furrowed when dry, the persistent styles radiating.


Asia-Tropical, Central W. Sumatra present, Mt Kerintji present, Mts Gedeh present, Patuha present, Tangkuban Prahu present, W. Java present
Malesia: Central W. Sumatra (Mt Kerintji), W. Java (Mts Gedeh, Patuha and Tangkuban Prahu).


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