Adenanthera novoguineensis

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Adenanthera novoguineensis


Tree to 40 m high, d.b.h. to 100 cm. Branchlets ± puberulous to glabrous, with glandular and non-glandular hairs. Leaves: Stipules not seen. Petals white, cream or pale yellow, oblong, acute, 3-3.5 mm, glabrous or puberulous in the distal portion. Stamens 4 mm, filaments pirtk to dull pink, anthers orange yellow to dark brown (after dehiscence), 0.6 mm. Ovary ± densely puberulous to woolly, 2 mm, style 1.5 mm, stigma tubular, creamy green. Seeds glossy dark red with apical black margin, asymmetrically oblong or rhomboid in outline, compressed, (5-)6-8(-9.5) by 5.5-8 by 3-4 mm;


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, New Britain present, New Ireland present
Malesia: New Guinea, including New Ireland and New Britain.


Verdcourt (l.c.) commented on the variation in this species. Aberrant specimens with up to 9 small leaflets on each side of the up to 9 pairs of pinnae, with dense indumentum, have been collected in the N part of New Guinea, but fruiting material is lacking. Two specimens with broad pods, 1.8-2 cm wide, have been collected in New Britain (NGF 17046, 32643). Pullen 7276 from Western Province, Upper Fly River, with nearly obovoid seeds, glabrous pedicel and calyx, and subglabrous ovary, is very close to Adenanthera intermedia indeed. Form and colour pattern of the seeds seem to be constant, but pods and ripe seeds are needed from all over the range of this species to prove whether three taxonomic units (subspecies?), as indicated by the differences in size of leaflets and pods, are concerned.


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