Albizia lebbeck

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Albizia lebbeck


Erect, branched, deciduous tree, 30 m high; Leaves: Stipules inconspicuous. Inflorescence consisting of 2 or more pedunculate corymbs in the distal leaf-axils or arranged in a short raceme at the end of branches, peduncle 10 cm, tomentose to sparsely puberulous, with corymbs composed of c. 15- 40 pedicellate dimorphic flowers. Stamens white to yellow at base, pale green or yellowish green towards the top, 15-30 mm, tube shorter than the corolla tube, 4-5 mm. Ovary sessile, 3-4 mm, glabrous. Seeds elliptic(-oblong) in outline, to 10 by 6-7 by 1-1.5 mm, areole c. 5 by 2 mm, pleurogram parallel to the margins, open towards hilum.


Asia-Tropical: Jawa (Jawa); Lesser Sunda Is.; Sulawesi (Sulawesi), E Africa present, Pantropical present, tropical mainland Asia present
Probably native of tropical mainland Asia or E Africa, now pantropical and cultivated; throughout Malesia; naturalized in areas with a seasonal climate: Java, Celebes, Lesser Sunda Islands.


Planted as a shade tree because of the rather short trunk and wide crown. Bark pounded used for soap in Java; the bark contains tannins. Foliage used for fodder. Wood moderately hard, rather durable; it seasons well and is used for furniture and general construction.


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