Polyscias javanica

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Polyscias javanica


Glabrous shrub or sparsely branched small tree, bearing spirally arranged leaves towards the ends of the branches. Leaves imparipinnate, c. 70 cm long; Inflorescence a panicle; Petals 5, 2½-3 mm long. Stamens 5, with very short filaments. Ovary turbinate, 1.5 mm high, 5-celled, styles at first erect, later recurved. Fruit a globose or obovoid fleshy drupe (prominently 5-ribbed when dry) c. 7 by 5 mm;


Asia-Tropical, East Java present, Lesser Sunda Is present, Lombok present, Sumba present, Sumbawa present
Malesia: East Java, Lesser Sunda Is. (Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba).


The root is said to be made into a face powder in Sumbawa.


The vegetative parts are rather similar to those of 6. P. cumingiana, but the smaller and simpler inflorescence is distinctive.


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