Polyscias guilfoylei

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Polyscias guilfoylei


Glabrous shrub to 3 m high, with few branches, bearing spirally arranged leaves towards their ends. Leaves imparipinnate, with 3-4 pairs of leaflets, c. 60 cm long; Inflorescence a diffuse panicle; Petals 5, 2½ mmlong. Stamens 5, anthers oblong, 1.5 mm long; Ovary turbinate, c. 1 mm high, usually 3-celled, styles at first erect, but soon elongating and recurved. Fruit fleshy, globose, c. 4 by 5 mm.


East Malesia present, throughout the tropical Pacific present
Native country unknown, possibly from East Malesia. Cultivated throughout the region, but less commonly than other cultivated species of this section. General throughout the tropical Pacific.


Recognizable by the shape, texture and serrations of the leaflets, which are usually variegated with whitish or yellowish blotches near the margins. The flowers are brown in bud but yellow- green when open.


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