Sphaerostephanos polyotis

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Sphaerostephanos polyotis


Asia-Tropical, Latimodjong Mts present, S.W. Central Celebes present
Malesia: S.W. Central Celebes (Latimodjong Mts).


Additional collections are T. G. Walker 12186-12188, 12270, 12273, 12282 (BM). Most of these are larger than the type, but 12188 has normal pinnae of the same size as the type with fewer reduced pinnae. Walker's specimens also have some glands on the lower surface of costules and between veins, but setae more abundant than glands on sporangia. This species and S. foliolosus are related to S. hispiduliformis of New Guinea, but the transition from normal to reduced pinnae at the base of fronds of the latter is not abrupt.