Sphaerostephanos obtusifolius

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Sphaerostephanos obtusifolius


Hairs on lower surface of rachis minute, on upper surface 0.4 mm long, brown.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Manus Island present, Sattelberg present
Malesia: New Guinea (Sattelberg, several collections; Manus Island).


At BM is a specimen labelled Keysser 43, from the type locality, named D. obtusifolia by Rosenstock; this is probably an error for Bamler 43 (Rosenstock was describing specimens from both collectors). Also from Sattelberg is Rosenst. Fil. Novoguin. exsicc. 115, coll. Bamler (B, BM, W). M. Sands 2682 (K) from limestone on Manus Island is closely similar to the Sattelberg specimens but less hairy on both surfaces of pinnae.


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