Sphaerostephanos latebrosus

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Sphaerostephanos latebrosus


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), western Malesia present
Malesia: Western Malesia, Philippines.


In Malaya, Sumatra and Java all lower surfaces.are almost glabrous, but in nearly all cases there are short hairs on distal parts of costae; aerophores are little elongate. In Sabah (Mt Kinabalu) and the Philippines some hairs are nearly always present and aerophores are more developed. In the type of Cyclosorus sagit- tifolioides some aerophores are 2 mm long, and short erect hairs are present on lower surface between veins.
Some Philippine specimens seem rather intermediate between this species and S. hirsutus; they may be hybrids. Hybrids with S. heterocarpus in Sabah are also possible. The solitary erect caudex of S. latebrosus, large upper reduced pinnae and broad base of lowest normal pinnae seem distinctive.


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