Glenniea penangensis

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Glenniea penangensis


Tree up to 36 m high, dbh up to 70 cm; Hairs mainly solitary. Leaves mainly spirally arranged (to (sub)decus-sate), 2-4-jugate; Inflorescences thyrsoid, 15-20 cm long, fulvous-velutinous to tomentose; Sepals 4, valvate, c. 1.5 by 2 mm, inside subtomentose. Stamens 6 or 7; Ovary flattened ovoid, c. 2.5 mm high, tapering into the sturdy, c. 1.5 mm long style; Fruits few, faintly didymous or (if only 1 seed developed) subglobular to ellipsoid, up to 9 by 7 cm, brown, scurfy, at first tufted-puberulous, finally glabrous, pericarp when dried 0.5-1 cm thick, hard, very fibrous (when fresh mealy and yellow), endocarp tough, glabrous inside, as far as could be ascertained. Seeds probably subglobular, 4-4.5 cm in diam., testa brown, smooth, glabrous.


Asia-Tropical: Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present)
Malesia: Malay Peninsula.


Ridley described the ovary as being 3-angular and the number of stigmas as 3. This is apparently a mistake: I found only 2-merous pistils, as in most other species of the genus.


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