Polyscias bipinnata

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Polyscias bipinnata


A small tree; Leaves bipinnate, 70 by 68 cm; Inflorescence a diffuse panicle (sometimes also with flowering branches in the axils of the upper leaves); Petals 5, 2.5 mm long. Stamens 5, filaments 1 mm, anthers 1.25 mm long. Ovary turbinate 2-3-celled, disk with a central stylopodium 1 mm long. Fruit ovoid, fleshy, 5 by 3 mm (when dry) crowned by the calyx rim and the beaklike stylopodium, stigmas minutely capitate.


Angi Lakes present, Asia-Tropical, Vogelkop present, W. New Guinea present
Malesia: W. New Guinea (Vogelkop: Angi Lakes).


The individual leaflets are similar to those of 18. P. schultzei, but their bipinnate arrangement is distinctive. The flowers are white.


Harms 1921 – In: Bot. Jahrb.: 413