Aglaia coriacea

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Aglaia coriacea


Small tree up to 5 m, usually unbranched, occasionally with 1 or 2 branches in the upper part of the tree. Bark brown with green and grey patches, with longitudinal and transverse cracks and densely covered with reddish- brown stellate hairs at the apex; inner bark dark pinkish-red; sapwood slightly paler than inner bark; heartwood pale pinkish-red or yellowish-brown. Leaves imparipinnate, up to 120 cm long and 90 cm wide; petiole up to 35 cm, patent, the rachis descending, peti- ole, rachis and petiolules densely covered with often deciduous reddish-brown stellate hairs which have a dense cluster of short arms and a few up to 0.5 mm long. Inflorescence up to 6 cm long and wide, usually in the axils of the leaves, sometimes on the upper part of the stem below the lowest leaves; peduncle up to 1 cm, peduncle, rachis, branches, pedicels and calyx densely covered with reddish-brown stellate hairs. Flowers c. 2.5 cm long and 2 cm wide, obovoid; pedicels up to 2.5 mm long. Petals 5. Staminal tube about 3/4 the length of the corolla, obovoid, the aperture c. 0.6 mm in diam. and shallowly 5-lobed; anthers 5, about half the length of the staminal tube, ovoid, in the upper half of the tube and just protruding beyond the aperture. Fruits 2.3–4 cm long, 1.8–3.5 cm wide, ellipsoid, brown, densely covered with dark brown stellate hairs like those on the twigs; pericarp 0.5–1 mm thick, leathery, inner surface white. Seeds 2–3.5 cm long, 1.5–2 cm wide with inner surfaces flat- tened; aril 0.5–1 mm thick, the flesh translucent, white, sweet and juicy.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo (Brunei present), E & C Peninsular Malaysia present, S Borneo present
Malesia: E & C Peninsular Malaysia, S Borneo (known only from the type collection) and Brunei (one collection only).E & C Peninsular Malaysia, S Borneo, Brunei


A small unbranched tree with a terminal cluster of large pinnate leaves. The leaflets are coriaceous, when young the dark glossy green upper surface contrasts with the paler lower surface which has dense bright reddish-brown stellate hairs along the midrib and veins.


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