Aglaia ceramica

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Aglaia ceramica


Small tree up to 3 m, with few branches; stem and twigs pale brown, densely covered with orange brown stellate hairs near the apex. Leaves up to 80 cm long and 70 cm wide; petiole 6–16 cm, petiole, rachis and branches densely covered with hairs like those on the twigs. Petals 5. Petals 5. Staminal tube 1.5 mm long and wide, cup-shaped with the margin incurved and shallowly lobed, with a few simple white hairs inside; anthers 5, 0.5 mm long, 0.6 mm wide, dark brown with pale margins when dry; other- wise like the male. Staminal tube 0.7 mm long, cup-shaped, aperture 0.8 mm wide, shallowly lobed; anthers 5, 0.6 mm long and 0.4 mm wide, inserted at the base of the tube. Fruits c. 1.5 cm long and 0.8 cm wide, yellow, obovoid, densely covered with orange brown peltate scales which have a fimbriate margin and stellate hairs on the outside; inner pericarp white. Seeds 3; aril white, edible and rather sweet; testa blackish-green.


Asia-Tropical: Maluku (Maluku present)
Malesia: Moluccas.


Aglaia ceramica resembles A. sapindina in the colour of its leaves but differs in indumentum. It resembles A. tenuicaulis in size and indumentum but the lower leaflet surface is glabrescent, the inflorescences are much smaller and the infructescences are ramiflorous.