Alectryon subg. Alectryon

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Alectryon subg. Alectryon


Inflorescences axillary (or ramiflorous), a sparsely branched panicle or thyrse (or raceme), densely hairy (to nearly glabrous). Sepals 4, 5, (6), somewhat less than halfway to nearly completely connate, hairy on both sides or on the outside only. Petals usually absent, if present blade kidney-shaped, inside woolly. Stamens 5-8; Fruits sessile, lobed, the ± spreading lobes often slightly carínate and shouldered, the wall woody or corky, dehiscence by an irregular calyptra. Seeds from around the hilum to near the apex with a narrow to usually very broad strip of strongly papillose sarcotesta with a lobed free margin.


Like the genus; about 20 species.