Amesiodendron chinense

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Amesiodendron chinense


Tree up to 25 m high, dbh up to 60 cm, with buttresses up to 1.80 m high, crown dense, widely spreading, bark grey-brown, scaly. Leaves: Inflorescence a widely and laxly branched thyrse, up to 30 cm long, densely puberulous; Flowers pink (outside Malesia apparently mostly white), in often ± opposite, nearly sessile, about 5-flowered cymes, in the lower parts of the branches rather distant, clustered towards the apices; Sepals deltoid, c. 1 mm high. Petals transversely elliptic to orbicular, 0.8-1.2 by 0.6-1.4 mm; Stamens c. 4 mm long; Fruits dark brown, usually only 1 or 2 lobe(s) developed, these globular, 3-3.5 cm in diam., connate for c. 2.5 cm; Seeds globular, 2.5-2.75 cm in diam., testa hard, smooth, shining reddish brown, around the hilum with an orbicular to kidney-shaped sarcotesta 1.5-2.5 by 1.5 cm.


Aceh present, Asia-Temperate, Asia-Tropical: Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present); Sumatera (Sumatera present), Pahang present, Peninsular Thailand present, Perak present, Perlis present, Selangor present
China, Indo-China, Peninsular Thailand, and Malesia: Sumatra (Aceh) and the Malay Peninsula (Perlis, Perak, Pahang, Selangor).


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