Cupaniopsis phanerophlebia

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Cupaniopsis phanerophlebia


Tree c. 2 m high, unbranched, more or less palm-oid Flowering twigs c. 10 mm in diam., grooved, villose. Leaves 6-jugate; Inflorescences axillary, c. 10.5 cm long, with long patent branches, rather densely flowered; Sepals ± rhomboid, scarious rim wide, especially at apex and angles, outside appressed-hairy except rim, margin ciliate, inside glabrous, outer 2A by 2.3 mm, inner 2.8 by 2.4 mm. Petals ± rhomboid, 2.5-2.6 by 1.4 mm, outside appressed-hairy, margin ciliate in lower part, inside glabrous; Ovary 3-celled, outside tomentose, inside glabrous, stigma 3-lined.


Asia-Tropical, Papua New Guinea present, Western Prov present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Western Prov.).


Only known from the type specimen.


Adema 1991 – In: Leiden Bot. Series: 153