Lepisanthes bengalan

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Lepisanthes bengalan


Tree, up to 12 m high, dbh up to 40 cm, or shrub. Leaves imparipin-nate with a reduced terminal leaflet, 4-6-jugate, glabrous; Inflorescences axillary, 30-35 cm long, rachis sub-glabrous, widely branched; Sepals 5, outer elliptic, 4.5 by 2.5 mm, inner suborbicular, 3.5 by 3 mm, all with petaloid margin, dark red, outside densely fulvous-puberulous, margin densely ciliolate, inside glabrous. Petals 5, sessile, elliptic, 3 by 2.5 mm, thick-fleshy, outside basally rather densely ap-pressed short fulvous hairy, margin ciliolate; Stamens 8; Ovary 3-celled, ciliate along the sides;


Asia-Tropical, NE Borneo present
Malesia: NE Borneo.