News 2003-2005


  • Feb 2003: The workshop of the "Flora of the Guianas", which held in Cayennewas a great success. Although the actual number of participants was relatively low, the Board Meeting was very stimulating.
  • Aug 2003: Scott Mori and collaborators received the Silver Engler Medal of the IAPT for the completion of the Flora of Saul. This medal is awarded each year for a monographic or floristic work of outstanding value. Congratulations!
  • Aug 2003: A new publication on vernacular names in Suriname in Blumea


  • Jan 2004: The Virtual Tree Guide of the Guianas updated: The Alberta Mennega Stichting, van Eeden-fonds and van the Tienhoven Foundation for International Nature Conservation, jointly sponsored a small grant to create the first Virtual Tree Guide of the Guianas. At present over 4000 images of c. 2500 species (with a potential to grow over 10 cm in our plots) have been imaged and are being processed by Padddy Haripersaud.
  • Feb 2004: After a long wait and lot of work, Fascicle 22 was launched.
  • Jul 2004: Robert A. DeFilipps (US) was the author of the Caryophyllales families published in 2003 in Fascicle 22 of the Flora of the Guianas. His sudden death on 4 July 2004 is a great loss for all of us. He was still working on several small families for the Flora, especially on some families of the Liliales.

In Memoriam

In January 26, the very sad news reached us that Usha Raghoenandan, has been murdered in the Herbarium in Paramaribo. This is a great shock to us all. Usha was a dedicated and enthusiastic botanist and teacher at the University of Suriname and has participated in many expeditions in Suriname and the Guianas. Her death is a serious loss for the future of the Herbarium and Botany in Suriname. Our sympathy and thoughts reach out for her parents, family and colleagues.

In Memoriam Usha Raghoenandan