• Mar 2015. The next Flora of the Guianas meeting is coming soon! Join us in Cayenne, French Guiana, from 5 to 9 October.
  • Feb 2015. Fascicle 30 of Series A is out: GENTIANACEAE - by Lena Struwe and contributors. The treatment of 54 species, distributed in 19 genera, includes two new species in the genus Chelonanthus (Griselb.) Gilg.
  • Aug 2014. Pilot on taxonomic data disclosure within the EU project Pro-iBiosphere brings Flora of the Guianas to the web. The treatment of the moss genus Campylopus, published in the Flora of the Guianas series C, was manually marked-up and uploaded to Plazi repository: this way, the text is available online and the content feeds the taxon page at EoL (Encyclopedia of Life).
  • Apr 2013. While preparing the treatment of Cladoniaceae for Series E (Fungi and Lichens) , T. Ahti and H. Sipman found 10 new species of Cladonia in the Guianas! The fascicle is coming soon and the new species can be already seen in Phytotaxa 93:1.
  • Oct 2012. Fascicle 29, the Sapindaceae, by Pedro Acevedo-Rodriguez: 114 species, identification keys at genus and species level, and illustrations. The fascicle includes the new genus and the four new species of Sapindaceae for the Guianas described in Acevedo 2012 (Phytokeys 7: 11-20).
  • Oct 2012. The latest Flora of the Guianas meeting, hosted by the National Herbarium of the Netherlands (L), was a good oportunity for board members and contributors to discuss the future plans for the Flora of the Guianas. See the complete report in our newsletter, including abstracts of talks and posters.

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